Content Management Systems

System Produced/
Sold By
Technology Base Major Capabilities Major Limitations Example Site
Contao Open Source PHP, MySQL 1900+ Extensions
Live Update
Balanced Security
Not for Complex Enterprise Solutions
Small Community
Doesn't Support Multi-Level Workflow
Drupal Open Source
Licensed GPL
PHP, MySQL Versatile
Developer Friendly
Large Community
Difficult to Use
Resource Intensive
Joomla Open Source PHP, MySQL E-commerce
Poewrful Admin Interface
Not Many Modules/Addons
Resource Intensive
Paid Plugins
Magento Open Source
PHP, MySQL, MariaDB Feature Rich E-Commerce
Large Community
Lots of Extensions
High Cost
Doesn't Support Shared Hosting
Slow Bugfixes
MODX Open Source
Licensed GPL
PHP, MySQL Quick Loading
SEO Friendly
Responsive Community
Permissions Issues
Difficult Setting Up